Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A Room of One's Own

Specially for you Woman Once a Bird:
But however small it was, it had, nevertheless, the mysterious property of its kind - put back into the mind, it became at once very exciting, and important; and as it darted and sank, and flashed hither and tither, set up such a wash and tumult of ideas that it was impossible to sit still. It was thus that I found myself walking with extreme rapidity across a grass plot. Instantly a man's figure rose to intercept me. Nor did I at first understand that the gesticulations of a curious-looking object, in a cut-away coat and evening shirt, were aimed at me. His face expressed horror and indignation. Instintict rather than reason came to my help; he was a beadle; I was a Woman.
Virginia Woolf in A Room of One's Own


Woman Once a Bird said...

Amei, amei, amei. Danke!

nefertiti said...

A minha escritora de sempre e para todo sempre! obrigada.

Dirim said...


jose said...

a escritora que eu nunca li mas que queria ler!